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Zegho Crystal

Assos Zegho

Performance Eyewear Made Exclusively for Cyclists

Though even serious cyclists want to look smart on their bikes, all of the items necessary for a proper training ride are utilitarian in nature. Bib shorts with a chamois, sweat-wicking jersey with rear pockets, carbon-soled-cleated shoes: all these items are worn because otherwise a four hour ride would be painfully impossible. The eyewear we chose for our rides is every bit, if not more important than what bibs and jersey we wear. Oddly, many cyclists chose their eyewear more based on appearance than effectiveness.

With the Assos Zegho performance eyewear, a cyclist will have the confidence that every aspect of the lens and frame has been designed with the myriad of on-the-bike issues a cyclist faces every ride in mind. This joint venture with the elite Swiss optics company, Carl Zeiss Vision, has resulted in eyewear that is uniquely tailored to the cyclists needs. With three options, you will have the right glasses no matter the weather: Zegho rennsport white frames with black tinted lenses, Zegho noire black frames with black tinted lenses, and the Zegho amplify black frames with yellow tint.

No Distorting the Facts
The crux of the project was to make a pair of cycling-specific sunglasses that would protect the eyes without distorting the view through the curved lenses. Though the lens is curved to follow the shape of the face, the V-Technology platform employed by Assos and Carl Zeiss Vision means that there is no optical distortion. The peripheries of the lens are equally non-distorting which gives the rider the confidence that from whatever angle the eye is looking through the lens, all variances and undulations in the road surface will be evident. The lenses are not polarized because reflections in the road are important for a cyclist to see and react to. And the RI.PEL hydrophobic self-clearing lens technology will keep them water-repellant and easy to keep clean.
Assos is proud to have a tunnel vision which impels us to give the rider the best product we can create. For our Zegho performance eyewear, the Tunnel Vision refers to our desire to have sunglasses that can be equally safe when riding into and through tunnels as they are when riding in bright sunshine. Whether you are in and out of Swiss tunnels or California underpasses, the seconds of danger between flying out of bright sunlight into the dark tunnel wearing dark sunglasses could result in running over unseen objects or worse. Photochromic lenses are not an option because they react to the change in lighting much too slowly. Assos arrived at a solution and challenged Carl Zeiss Vision to put it into production: our Zegho lenses are tinted through the upper two-thirds of the lens, and then a sharp divide results in a clear coat across the bottom third. Simply lift your head slightly when entering a tunnel and you will have an un-tinted view while still enjoying 100% protection from UV rays, wind, dust and debris. Super Light, Super Comfortable
At just 27.5 grams, the Assos Zegho will rest on your face without weighing you down or irritating your nose. The nose piece is made malleable and therefore adjustable to each individual`s nose. With Assos clickFace technology, the proadaptive skinTouch material used on the ear pieces will mold to accommodate the rider`s head, ensuring a stable fit and minimizing movement under sweaty and rough road conditions. And the zeropressure adaptive, ultraflex composite frame has been designed to balance the ratio of material to shape and function. Uncomfortable pressure points will be eliminated while the glasses will stay perfectly in place.

Handmade in Italy, Assos Zegho performance eyewear is a high quality product that has been engineered to perform and to last.