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T.rallyShorts_s7 Lady, ASSOSproShop


T.rallyShorts_s7 Lady

These are our first uniquely female, high performance mountain bike shorts. Using many of the innovative features found in the male version - impactPads, regularFit, more robust material - plus a female mountain-bike-specific cut, these shorts finally allow a woman to experience superior ASSOS comfort while riding her mountain bike.


Use them directly on your skin with a skinFoil on your upper body. We suggest adding kneeWarmers when the weather is a little cooler.

At the heart of these shorts are our all-new impactPads, small pads to give extra protection while riding. We have also developed a new mountain-bike-specific insert, which is a little wider and positioned differently to give women optimal comfort. The bib has our all-new for S16 magnetic closer. And to endure the increased demands of mountain biking we have made these shorts out of our tougher type.499 fabric, with 51% spandex to provide unparalleled power-control compression.

_ The new gold standard in MTB shorts. Coming in regular cut, they take everything we know about road-specific shorts and all we have learned from our T.rallyShorts for men to give women the ultimate in comfort when riding off-road
_ Tougher type.499 fabric is used in specific places to make sure these shorts can take the demands that mountain biking puts on cycling apparel
_ They use our all-new mountain-bike-specific insert, taking the best of our S7 breed of insert and adding some MTB-specific refinements
_ They have a mesh-free back to give you more comfort
_ Finally, when things do go wrong, you have the added protection of impactPads, made from 8 mm polyurethane foam. They are not noticeable while riding, but will ease the pain when you crash

_ S7 platform insert
_ type.499 fabric for extra durability
_ 51% spandex to provide unparalleled power-control compression
_ impactPads
_ MTB-specific lady insert
_ kompressorFabric
_ New magnetic clasp

Based on the Fast and Tough features of our menís offroadRally line, this is a revolution for female mountain bikers. Taking all of our knowledge from our road shorts and our experiences gained from the male version of our MTB shorts, the T.rallyShort_S7 Lady allows women to experience superior ASSOS comfort on a mountain bike.

COMPOSITION 50% Polyamide, 50% Elastane

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