NEW CS.speedfireChronosuit_s7

Aptly named, Speedfire is the latest ASSOS Chronosuit. When you want to ride fast - and we`re talking really fast - then this is the piece to reach for. Speed is in its name and it is certainly in its design, so it`s no wonder this is a favourite product with the Swiss Cycling Team as well as USA Cycling`s riders. Building on the CS.uno_S5 generation of the chronosuit and using all of the experience gained during our Project Fenonomeno research, we`ve created the next generation of the ASSOS Chronosuit, which has the industry-leading S7 generation of insert at its core. Every single millimetre has been meticulously designed with speed in mind. Cut for the most aggressive riding position found on time trial bikes, its lower neck, narrow shoulders and slightly further forward insert position are key elements in how this piece performs.

We`ve even gone as far as to choose a wind tunnel-developed material, furthering the performance and speed potential of this chronosuit. Aerodynamically optimised, it creates a cleaner airflow, thus making you faster. But it does not stop there: we`ve looked at maximising the performance through dramatically improving the construction of the speedfireChronosuit. A bonded elastic zip improves the fit even in the most aggressively aerodynamic positions, there`s a radio pocket for your DS to support you, and raw-cut legs to reduce seams, and thus drag.

As the key piece for performance, we recommend wearing it directly on your skin, as these are situations when your body will be running at its hottest.
Alternatively, go for an NS.skinfoil_evo7 when slightly cooler, but remember, you`ll be riding so hard the cold will rapidly be forgotten.
The CS.speedfireChronosuit_S7 is the next level of speed. When it`s time to ride hard, when it`s time to ride fast and when you want some free speed, reach for this piece.

- Aerodynamically optimised and wind tunnel-developed material
- Aggressive cut for the perfect fit in the most aerodynamic positions
- Leverages the technology developed in the Project Fenomeno
- Uses the S7 generation of insert at its core
- Raw-cut legs for increased performance
- Distinctive ASSOS monogram graphics

In this time only size L in stock.