NEW SS.grandprixJersey_evo8

The SS.grandprixJersey_evo8 takes design cues from our Works_Team collection, which was born from our collaboration with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team`s cycling club. If you haven`t gathered so far, motorsports are our second passion here at ASSOS (naturally ranking after cycling and all things bike-related).
Fittingly, the SS.grandprixJersey_evo8 is something to celebrate this.

At the core of this jersey is the cut, material and fit which to guarantee that same uncompromisingly high F1 performance at a fair price. We have cut no corners when refining this jersey, seeking to create a further product to meet your riding demands and fulfilling value for money. Cut in our regularFit, this jersey falls in the middleground between our racingFit - aggressive, tight and performance focused - and our comfortFit - slightly roomier, more elastic and focused on all-day riding.

With graphics inspired by our Formula 1 collaboration, this jersey strikes the perfect balance between price, performance and aesthetics, and is set to become a crucial addition to any ASSOS wardrobe.

_ regularFit
_ Triple ramp pockets as a new patent
_ new performing and superlight fabric
_ Motorsport-inspired graphics

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