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T.equipe_EVO Red

Assos new S7 shorts line has been in development for six years, resulting in what it proudly calls the most comfortable, technically advanced shorts ever.

The T.equipe uses two extra panels up front, allowing Assos to pull the front chamois seams out to the side further than any shorts bevor. The seam placement eliminates bunching in areas where bunching is very bad, and the seams themselves are out of the way.

The chamois uses the same Golden Gate technology as the neoPro, but is optimized for a more aggressive riding position. That means it`s a bit thinner and narrower up front.

Speaking of up front, Assos did something clever in that region: by cutting a triangular wedge out of the front of the chamois and then sewing the wings back together, the company created a bit of a box at the front of the chamois. For lack of a better descriptor, it cups quite well.

The addition of cold black technology, which allows black fabrics to behave more like white ones in thermal regulation, begins with the T.equipe and continues up the line.

The T.equipe gets a small band of purple on the left leg, and the little Assos flag that sticks out of the back on all the brand`s shorts is purple as well. The purple color replaces the blue that Assos has been known for over the past few years.

The fabrics are nicely compressive, more so than on the S5 series shorts. The bib straps, too, are nicer than before; soft and wide, and with a handy little band near the collarbone that serves to both keep the strap spread wide and provide a spot to hang your glasses during a long climb.

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